Twitter APP Creation

In order to use Twilex and have access to the Twitter API, you need to create an application on the Twitter Developers page. If this is the first time you do this, here you can find a step-by-step guide.

Sign-up / Sig-in

Go to and sign in.

Access your applications

Access the item “My Applications” from the menu.

Create the application

Now click on “Create New App”. You’ll fill a form like this:



The application name that will be used in the authorization screen.


A comprehensive description that will be used in the authorization screen.


A website were people can find more information about the application.

Callback URL

This is important when you want to create an application that authenticates users, which is most probably the case.

The callback URL is a URL to where the user will be redirected right after authorizing the application. Twilex handles the authorization process at the default route /connect in your application. In this example, I’ll be using the Vagrant setup included, which will create a virtual machine in my local network in the specified IP address (default from the Vagrantfile provided with Twilex, but you can change it). After running vagrant up the application will be found at, and users will be able to connect to Twitter accessing .

Now get your Keys

You’ll need the API key (consumer_key) and API secret (consumer_secret) in order to configure Twilex. These keys are available at the tab “API Keys” in your application settings:


Note about app permissions

The default permission for new apps is read only. With this permission you won’t be able to create tweets or change any data. If you think you will need write permission, you can edit your application settings to make the change.